Let’s get rid of the devil called mobile!


You Will Learn Perfectly

  • How mobile phones are gnawing at your brain
  • Unique techniques to get freedom from mobile trap
  • The art of increasing focus power
  • Formula to awaken the power of mind
  • Mastery of increasing memory power

About Mission Mobile Mukti

Excessive use of mobile phone reduces the mental capacity of the child and due to its dangerous radiation, the child becomes angry in nature. Not only this, but due to this, children are also becoming violent, not obeying anyone, hyperactivity and apart from this, there are many other disadvantages. Its side effects are weak memory, inability to concentrate in studies, lack of interest in studies etc. Apart from this, many other problems are arising which can ruin the future of the children.

If the child is not free from mobile addiction today, it is possible that there will be more delay tomorrow. After months of research on the topic of how to get rid of mobile addiction, we have prepared a psychology-based effective seminar and webinar, which helps people to get rid of the devil called mobile. It has been named Mission Mobile Mukti.

Our mission is to free as many children as possible from the monster called mobile. We are trying our best to make this mission successful not only across India but also in other countries through seminars and webinars. We are also going to organize these effective seminars in schools, colleges and other institutions. Furthermore, we would also like the help of people like you, so that we can succeed in our mission soon.






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11.30 pm


Rotary Club Hall

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Know the Trainer

This amazing seminar or webinar “Mission Mobile Mukti” is conducted by popular educationist and trainer Suresh Bavarva Sir, who has been successfully working in the field of training since 2012. Suresh Bavarva has been working in the education sector since 1998. For the last nine years his Super Child (Mind & Brain Development), BrainyKid, Be the Best and other workshops have been bringing about unimaginable changes in children across India. Parwarish is his best parenting seminar which is organized often in high profile schools and other social organizations. Not only this, under the Train the Trainer program, school teachers are also being trained and are contributing in making them ideal teachers. Due to years of experience and affection towards children, every student is participating with full enthusiasm in all the effective activities of this workshop and is becoming a special student by performing very well in the examinations.


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