Scientific and the most accurate IQ Test created by India’s well-known training organization ZEMS Institute. It’s for 5th to 8th years old kids. The parents can now their children better way. We provide valuable counselling and useful tips to the parents for improve kid’s IQ level.

What Is IQ Test?

IQ means Intelligence Quotient. It is a measure of a person’s intellectual abilities. IQ test help to assess a variety of cognitive skills, including problem-solving, logical reasoning, memory, and mathematical ability. IQ score is one of many factors that can contribute to understanding a person’s intellectual abilities.

Why This IQ Test Is the Most Accurate?

This IQ test designed by ZEMS Institute to measure various cognitive abilities and skills. We have tried our best to make the test scientific and pleasured to kids. Let’s check some of the main key specialties or components of this IQ test:

Working Memory:

This measures the capacity to hold and manipulate information in the mind for short periods. It involves tasks such as remembering sequences of numbers, things or solving problems with limited information.

Perceptual Reasoning:

This component evaluates non-verbal reasoning abilities and spatial processing. Tasks may include solving visual puzzles, pattern recognition, and spatial reasoning.

Verbal Comprehension:

This assesses a person’s ability to understand and use language, including vocabulary, comprehension, and verbal reasoning skills.

Processing Speed:

This assesses how quickly an individual can process simple or routine information. It involves tasks such as quickly scanning and processing visual information.

Quantitative Reasoning:

In this IQ test include mathematical tasks that assess a kid’s numerical reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

Fluid Reasoning:

This measures the ability to think logically and solve novel problems. It assesses abstract reasoning, problem-solving skills, and adaptability to new situations.

Through This IQ Test It Can Be Found Out That...

  • How is the child’s memory power
  • How is the child’s concentration
  • What is the child’s confidence level
  • How is the child’s reasoning power
  • How is the child’s ability to differentiate
  • How is the child’s social knowledge
  • How is the child’s creativity

Special Features of This Most Accurate IQ Test:

  • Most accurate iq test
  • Practical offline test
  • One kid one tester
  • Hard copy and soft copy IQ report
  • Useful information for child’s brain development
  • Valuable tips to improve IQ level

IQ Category:

  • Score 90 to 109 – Average
  • Score 110 to 119 – High Average
  • Score 120 to 129 – Superior
  • Score 130 Above – Very Superior

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