What Is Visualization? Why, When & How to Do Visualization?


I hope you would like to know what is visualization. Psychologists have proven that whatever you want to achieve, you get it the way you think about it. You can become whatever you think you want to be. Whatever change you want to bring within yourself, whatever change you think about, that change comes within you. Yes friends, Suresh Bawarwa, today I am going to tell you that this process of thinking, imagining, feeling, seeing real pictures in the mind is called visualization. Visualization is a powerful technique that helps us harness the power of our subconscious mind.

What Is Visualization

Know What Is Subconscious Mind:

Let us know in short what is subconscious mind. Subconscious mind means semi-awake mind. There are two types of mind, the first is the waking mind which can work only when we are in the waking state and has only ten percent power and the second is the semi-waking mind which works in the waking state along with Works even in sleep state i.e. remains working 24 hours and has oh my God ninety percent power.

What Is Visualization:

This subconscious mind is a great magician who always helps us. In a way he is our slave who obeys all our orders and starts working on them. If you even give him orders about negative things that you don’t want, he starts following them too. If you tell him that I am sad then he will say sir and will make you sad without any reason and if you tell him that I am happy then he will help in keeping you happy without any reason. The technique of giving orders is called visualization.

Why Should Do Proper Visualization:

If visualization is not done properly then it has no effect on our subconscious mind. If visualization is done incorrectly, it can also cause harm. That is why by doing visualization correctly and positively, you get whatever results you want. If negative comands are given, they may harm us, because our subconscious mind can not understand differance between positive and negative commands.

When to Do Visualization:

Now we know when to do visualization so that we can get the most out of it. The ideal time for proper programming of our subconscious mind is our semi-awake state i.e. alpha state. That is, when we are in such a situation when we are not in a waking state and are not even in a proper sleep state.

In this case, we dilate naturally twice a day. Once when we wake up and second time when we go to sleep. If imagination is done at such a time i.e. while waking up in the morning or while sleeping at night, then our subconscious mind starts reacting to it and helps you in converting whatever you have imagined into reality.

You will keep showing such paths that will lead to the destination. We can also reach the alpha state through unnatural means. You can achieve the alpha state by relaxing at any time of the day.

How to Do Visualization:

Let us now know how to do visualization. By going to alpha state our subconscious mind got what we wanted, we became what we wanted to be, we got freedom from whatever problem we had to get rid of, such vivid visuals have to be shown. By showing the visual with absolutely genuine emotion and full desire our subconscious mind very soon starts acting on it and nature shows us paths that lead us to our goal.

Understand that if you want to buy a good car, you should imagine it, feel that you are sitting in that particular car and you are driving the car. If you want to top the exam then imagine this, realize that your result is out and you have passed the exam with the highest rank in your class or school.

Amazing Ready Visualization for Students:

If you are a student of 5th to 12th class, then to get good marks in the examination, to remove the fear of examination and to increase self-confidence, India’s well-known training organization ZEMS have prepared an Amazing Scientific Visualization in Hindi, after listening to which any student can perform well in the examination. Can do. examination. Surprising results can be obtained.

By listening to this amazing scene every day, you will be able to bring a lot of change inside you. One feature of this visualization is that scientific music has been given in its background for brain development, which will definitely benefit the student’s mental strength and will also develop the brain.

I hope you liked this information. If you liked the information then share it with your friends and boost my morale. Thank you so much. You can watch Hindi video on what is visualization.

What Is Visualization in Hindi

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