BrainyKid - Mind, Brain & Body Fitness Activity Workshop

BrainyKid is the best and unique workshop especially designed by ZEMS Training Institute. Famous Indian Mind and brain trainer Suresh Bavarva has designed this effective and result oriented mind, brain and body fitness activity based workshop for the kids age group of 4 to 12 years old. This scientific workshop is designed for little kids to enhance the efficiency of the naturally developing brain and body.


What Is BrainyKid Workshop:

BrainyKid is a workshop to transform an ordinary child into an extraordinary one, and a clever child into a smart child. It’s a unique and result oriented program designed by famous mind and brain trainer Mr Suresh Bavarva. This workshop has been designed after years of experience and research. It has been successfully launched after getting practical results on children. In this workshop, children are taught things like how to use their subconscious mind, how to do positive programming of the mind, how to sharpen the brain by training and how to increase self-confidence. Physical fitness activities are also done along with developing mental strength and brain power. The reason why these workshops are effective is that they are completely scientific, and every activity is done keeping in mind the mindset of the children.

Activities of Workshop:

  • Brain Development Activities
  • Mind Power Booster Activities
  • Body Fitness Activities
  • Confidence Building Activities
  • Focus Power Increase Activities
  • Memory Booster Activities

Benefits of Mind, Brain & Body Fitness Workshop:

  • Learns to use the mind power properly
  • Increases mental capacity
  • Kid’s attitude becomes positive
  • Increases intellectual capacity
  • Increases concentration
  • IQ level increases
  • Memory becomes sharper
  • Kid’s self-confidence increases
  • Increases physical capacity
  • Hidden natural talents develop in kid
  • Kid’s hobby for art increases
  • TV and mobile addiction can be avoided

Age Limit for Workshop:

This workshop is divided in two categories, 1. Junior Category and 2. Senior Category

Junior Category – 4 to 7 Years Kids
Senior Category – 8 to 12 Years Kids


  • Training by a trainer who is trained by Suresh Bavarva Sir, a popular trainer who has scaled the heights of success across India since 2012 in the field of Mind & Mind Development
  • In this workshop, all the activities are done with fun and psychological manner keeping in mind the mentality of the young children, so the children participate eagerly in all the activities.

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